That’s America

With thanks to ITN and the BBC’s Gavin Esler, I simply can’t resist giving this little story wider circulation. It came to me in ITN’s 1955 Club Newsletter. (I receive it monthly as a member of the club).

The story as told by Gavin Esler and reported by the newsletter:

Recently, when I arrived in the USA from London I was stopped as usual by the immigration authorities. I handed over my passport, my completed immigration and customs forms, was fingerprinted and photographed.

“Why are you here?” the Homeland Security lady asked me.

“Because I am reporting on the President’s scheduled announcement of a big increase in US troop numbers in Afghanistan.”

“Who do you work for?”

“The BBC.”

“How do you spell that?”

Hmmm. A tricky one. How do you spell BBC?

“Er, B…B…C…”

The lady looked at me.

“Do you have any identification?”

“You’re holding my passport,” I said, with a smile.

It’s said that only nine percent of Americans have passports. A fact, if true, I’m sure it is, that explains a lot.

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  1. Steve Meikle:

    the paranoia and stupidity of security officials!!!

  2. mary:

    It reminds me of the employee at JFK airport who, when I asked her the fastest way to get to the Sky Train, sent me through an entrance door, and once through it I had to crawl with my suitcase under ropes cordoning off the area, which made me think of the poor soul who recently went through the wrong door at the Newark Airport and made all hell break loose. The security at airports is nothing but theater, and the actors are simply dummies.

  3. Anti-zionist Mohareb:

    A small fraction of one percent of Americans might have valid knowledge about the structure and dynamics of their own “city”, “county”, “state”, or “republic”. A lesser number might be informed about the global system. They are obsessively preoccupied with consumption and fornication. The American ruling machinery including the Zionist run media is the crafty author of this dark, fearful, and complacent mindset. Security is a growth industry thriving on the continuous production of fear by the Zionist infested state machinery of the United States of Aesrael.

  4. Boynton D. Knipple III:

    In a country where voters are presented with two choices, the naive or the incompetent when selecting candidates to its highest offices, is it any wonder that the government’s rank and file would exhibit the same qualities.

  5. mary:

    Mohareb, you are absolutely correct. Consumption and self-satisfaction, self-aggrandizement, and generally a narcissistic world view have come to predominate in the American psyche, or so it seems. I don’t think it is as permanent a problem as most people think, however; I think that the American people are idealistic and basically decent, and I hope that before we reach the brink of disaster, they will mobilize.

    I also do believe that America’s presidential candidates are very telling of the psyche of the American people. Look at George W. Bush, the nation’s eight year train wreck. On the other hand, look at who was NOT elected in 2008 and you might feel a little better.

  6. Sahab:

    Not only in US, but here in India too, they have some mannequins at Airports and some Govt. offices. The difference is that the US versions have been trained to detain and the Indians to agree with some pennies. The similarity being the similar.

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