Zionism’s attempt, with BBC collusion, to smear and discredit PressTV

On 1 July the BBC’s Newsnight programme lent itself to a Zionist attempt to smear and discredit PressTV. From Zionism’s point of view this had to be done because, as its growing worldwide audience knows, PressTV is the only television channel in the world on which it is possible to challenge, seriously and in documented depth and detail, Zionism’s version of history. As I have demonstrated in my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, and in programmes I have made for PressTV, Zionism’s version of history is more than mythology. It’s a pack of propaganda lies.

In the course of what passed for discussion, Martin Bright, the New Statesman’s political editor, accused PressTV of peddling a “a conspiracy theory about the influence of Zionism”.

I have two questions for Mr. Bright.

The first is: Who was it who urged President Carter to “break the back of the Zionist lobby” if he was to have the freedom to be serious about ending the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel?

It wasn’t an Arab or any other Muslim or a Gentile. It was none other than Dr. Nahum Goldmann. Who was he?

As readers of my book and my blog know, he was one of the founding fathers of the Zionist lobby. After the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, no individual worked harder and to better effect than Goldmann to unite world Jewry and secure American support for Zionism. When he died in 1982 he was given a state funeral in Israel because he was one of the five former presidents of the WZO – the World Zionist Organization.

In his advancing years Goldmann advocated the need for the creation of a Palestinian state. And he became the leading and most influential Jewish critic of Israel’s continuing occupation of Arab land taken in 1967 and the illegal settlement of it. He utterly rejected the claim of Zionist bigots who insisted that Jews had to make the Greater Israel project a reality because God had promised them the land. Goldmann called this thesis “a profanation.”

Near the end of his life, deeply troubled by the fact that the Zionist lobby had broken President Carter’s back, Goldmann gave this warning: “It (the Zionist lobby) is slowly becoming a negative factor. Not only does it distort the expectations and political calculations of Israel, but the time may not be far off when American public opinion will be sick and tired of the demands of Israel and the aggressiveness of American Jewry.”

My second question for Mr. Bright is this: Are you ignorant of the principled position Dr. Nahum Goldmann took and so much else that proves the awesome influence of the Zionist lobby, or are you in total denial of the truth of history? If the former, my book and my web sites – www.alanhart.net and www.zionismbook.com will assist your education and possibly your understanding.

Now let’s fast forward to today. There are signs that a small but growing number of Americans, including some in Congress, are not only sick and tired of Israel’s demands, but are understanding that support for Israel right or wrong is not in America’s own best interests. If this shift in American public opinion develops and hardens, it will obviously assist President Obama IF his commitment to work for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state is real.

Is it? Is Obama prepared to have a real fight with Netanyahu and all he represents and, if necessary, deliver a knock-out blow, or is he, Obama, only shadow boxing in the hope that such a play, together with his appealing rhetoric, will be enough to improve America’s image in the Arab and wider Muslim world?

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