Anti-Israelism: Why Zionism doesn’t and can’t get it

  • Israel’s most recent war on the Gaza Strip, the main purposes of it being to collectively punish all Palestinians there (for supporting Hamas) and destroying Hamas militarily and politically, in the belief that when it had done so, Israel would have more freedom to bully and bribe Abbas’s quisling Palestinian National Authority into accepting crumbs from Zionism’s table.
  • By any objective consideration those three offensives were demonstrations of Israeli state terrorism. (I have just finished updating the story for Volume Three of the American edition of my book and it has chapter titled State Terrorism Becomes Israel’s Norm).

    Because the Western world had been conditioned to see the 1967 conflict as a war of Israeli self-defense – i.e. not what it actually was, a war of Israeli aggression, Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon was the first real opportunity for the watching Western world to see what until then only the Arabs in general, and the Palestinians in particular, had seen in close-up – the ugly face of Zionism. A face so ugly that 400,000 Israelis assembled to express their outrage of what had been done in their name.

    On the subject of the self-righteousness that is the cause of Zionism’s congenital blindness, Harkabi wrote this (again my emphasis added):

    “Self-criticism is imperative in order to counterbalance the tendencies to self-righteousness and self-pity that stem from basic Jewish attitudes, from the historical experience of persecution, and from the ethos fostered by Menachem Begin. No factor endangers Israel’s future more than self-righteousness, which blinds us to reality, prevents a complex understanding of the situation and legitimizes extreme behaviour.”

    Footnote: There may be readers of this article who object a little or a lot to my description of the Zionist state as a monster. It’s not an original Alan Hart idea. In 1984, and as quoted by Harkabi, Israeli journalist Teddy Preuss published a book with the title Begin, His Regime. In it he wrote (my emphasis added): “I have no doubt that Begin’s rule will lead to the destruction of the state. In any case, his rule will turn Israel into a monster.”

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    1. Gabriela Friedland:

      Hallo Alan, wonderful article – like monster beyond control and the other writings. I really love the videos. Now I’m impatiently waiting for Volume II in Germany. Friendly greatings from heart to heart. Gabriela

    2. kim:

      I disagree that there is anti-Israelism. This wanders into dangerous territory as it distracts from anti-Zionism. Being opposed to the war crimes and terrorism of a state under the control of Zionists makes one anti-the crimes of Israel not anti-Israel.

      The only opposition to the state of Israel is that it wiped Palestine off the map. But it is Zionism that wiped Palestine off the map.

      I can accept an Israel that is acceptable to the people of Palestine/Israel, but I cannot accept a supremacist ideology that grants a certain group the right to dispossess an indigenous people by any means. In other words, I am not anti-Israel(ism), but I am anti-Zionism.

      I remain in solidarity for the rights of all peoples.

    3. eee:

      What a ridiculous article and completely unbalanced. Israel makes mistakes like all states but Hart decides to tag Israel as a monster (oh yes, some obscure writer from the 80s also called it that).

      The history of the UK is the history of colonialism and oppression, is the UK a monster state?

      What about Germany?

      What about Belgium and its massacres in the Congo? Is it a monster state?

      The Chinese oppress Tibet and their own people, is China a monster state?

      In fact, by focusing only on Israel Hart proves that he is a raving antisemite. Only the Jewish state is problematic for him. Why doesn’t he just say that he doesn’t like the idea of a strong Jewish state?

    4. John Robertson:

      eeeee, if these other countries are or aren’t monsters is irrelevant, and doesn’t alter the fact that what Israel is doing in Palestine (and has been for 60 years)amounts to crimes against humanity.
      Your pathetic accusation of “anti-semitism” just doesn’t wash anymore, in fact the term can be worn as a badge of honour, thanks to the Zionists.
      I suggest you read Joe Sacco particularly his latest, then again you would probably call him “anti-semetic” as well.

    5. John Robertson:

      Sorry I mispelt your name ee.

    6. HOO:

      The only people who support Zionism are Jewish supremacists

    7. robert:

      “the few in Israel” commit the crimes? Please. Israel does not get tired of stressing it is a democracy. When a democracy commits crimes then everybody in that society has to assume responsibility. The torture by Americans is not “a few bad apples”. If it were so, there would have been national revulsion, and there would have been punishmet. Amercians AGREE with torture. Sad but true. A 5 cent raise in the gasoline tax would create a popular revolt, but the disclosure of torture, assassination of prisoners, etc. elicits a national yawn at best, or cheers at worse.

      It’s the same with Israel. If the israelis did not want the atorcities, they would not elect people like Lieberman.

    8. James B. Phillips:

      I am a true Jew in the sense that all true Jews became Christians. The present day ideological ancestors of the pharisaic Jews (Synagogue of Satan — Revelation/Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9) who followed the traditions of man as opposed to those of God and who managed to get Christ crucified are calling the shots in present day Israel. To the extent that these people (who call themselves Jews) are anti-Christ, I as a person who is pro-Christ am logically obliged to be anti-Jew just as they are anti-Christian.

      For an excellent expose on the true nature of Judaism see Michael Hoffman’s stunning and totally documented 1100 plus page book at

      James B. Phillips

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