Why Jews must end their silence – a Gentile and a Jewish view

In early June 2009, I wrote a piece with the headline The Gentile Alan Hart and Jews (very many of them), THE PROBLEM – IS IT ME OR THEM?.

It started out as a sort of memorandum to myself. Subsequently I e-mailed the text to a number of allies in common cause, people of all faiths and none. This article – my call for Jews in big numbers not small ones to end their silence on the matter of Zionism’s crimes – is now being quite widely circulated by activist networks. One new Jewish ally and friend who e-mailed me from America said, “It seems that you’ve struck a chord.”

So I’ve decided to upload my original article together with the text of Dorothy’s Zeller’s answer on 23 August to the question posed by Mondoweiss’s Phil Weiss – Why is it essential for Jews to speak out, as Jews, on Israel?

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